SLikeNet is an Open Source/Free Software cross-platform network engine written in C++ and specifially designed for games (and applications which have comparable requirements on a network engine like games) building upon the discontinued RakNet network engine which had more than 13 years of active development.

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Download (source only) ver. 0.1.3 (zip) 50MB
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SLikeNet Featureoverview:

  • Stable Engine
    SLikeNet is based on the design and sourcecode of RakNet, which was under active development for over 13 years. RakNet had been used by different players on the games industry market. 

  • Open Source
    The entire engine is under an OpenSource license (our own modifications/extensions are covered by the MIT license).

  • Cross-Platform
    The engine supports Windows, Linux, and OSX. Additional platforms can be supported upon request.

  • Connection handling between clients and servers
    incl. UPnP support, NAT punchthrough, IPv4/IPv6, UDP/TCP, etc.

  • Object Replication
    Automated creation, destruction, serialization and transfer of (game) objects.

  • Lobby System
    Supporting friend management, match making, rooms, ranking, etc. via a dedicated database and/or with Steam®-integration.

  • Autopatcher
    Diff-based patch patch system or simplified system to directly transmit files with database integration (f.e. to transfer map-/skin-updates).

  • Remote Procedure Call Support
    Simply call C/C++ procedures remotely with automated parameter serialization.

  • Secure Connections
    Secure transmission and detection of modified data packages using technologies like SHA1, AES128, SYN Cookies, RSA, etc. (partially by utilizing the OpenSSL®-library).

  • Robust Communicationlayer
    Including techniques like automated congestion control, message coalescence, splitting and re-combination of data packages, etc.

  • Voice Communication
    Including audio bindings for DirectSound, Port Audio, and FMOD®.

  • Cloud Support
    Prepared for cloud support (f.e. for scalability for chat server).

Improvements compared to RakNet:

  • added support for the latest compilers and dropped support for older compilers
  • added support for newer versions of 3rd-party libraries
  • security enhancements (f.e. by fixing buffer overflows, using security enhanced CRT functions, replacing obsolete less secure CRT functions with up-to-date ones, etc.)
  • replaced Multi-Byte Character support with Unicode support
  • warning free compiling/linking (i.e. warnings RakNet triggered when building the source were resolved)
  • easier way to get started with SLikeNet by providing precompiled libraries and easily loadable/upgradable solution/project files for recent Visual Studio versions
  • extended documentation
  • countless bugfixes and improvements (see changelog for details)

SLikeNet is a trademark of SLikeSoft UG (haftungsbeschränkt).
FMOD is a registered trademark of Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
OpenSSL is a registered trademark of the OpenSSL Software Foundation, Inc.
Steam is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation.
The license agreements for the OpenSSL Library require us to add the following remarks:

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (
This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (