Please make sure to enter the forum username and/or the name which should be added to the donation list when making the donation.

If you like to support the continuous development of SLikeNet, we would like to show our gratitude of course. Depending on the amount of the donation, and if desired, you’ll be granted the following awards:

Donation Rank in the forums Entry in the donation list
10 €
30 € Name entry in the lower section (< 100 €)
50 € Supporter (bronze) Name entry in the lower section (< 100 €)
100 € Supporter (silver) Name entry in the upper section (> 100 €)
  • The donation list will be reset once per year and the previous year will be archived.
  • The rank in the forums will be granted for one year (from the time on the donation).
  • For reoccurring donations, the forum rank will be extended accordingly.

We are also working on further ideas to provide bonuses for supporters which we’ll implement in the future. These bonuses will be granted to past donators retroactively of course, so that there’ll be no disadvantages for anybody.

SLikeSoft is no exception to the fact that any company has to cover running costs for providing the homepage (f.e. costs for the provider, the URLs, etc.), running the company (f.e. for tax consultants, book keeping, administation costs, etc.), developing software (costs for buying hard- and software, electricity bill, etc.) and all the other things. Altogether this sums up to roughly 1,000.00 Euro per year just for the running costs. In addition to the fact that we volunteer our time to develop the products and maintain the homepage and the BBS, we also pay all of the running costs entirel from our own private money at the moment. In order to continue being able to provide SLikeNet, the community platform, and the support free of charge, we rely on voluntary donations.

Every donation helps to keep up the development of SLikeNet and be able to keep it completely free of charge. The majority of the donations is used directly for continuing the development of  SLikeNet. In case we receive enough donations to cover the running costs, we’ll donate part of the additional income to charity projects.

To ensure that each donor can transparently recognize how the donated money was spent, we publish the overview of the company financial statement with added explanations regarding the incomes and expenses on a yearly basis. Of course this also contains a transparent overview of the received donations.

Said all of that, we’d like to clarify explicitly that while we use the word “donation” here, this is tax-wise NOT to be mistaken for tax deducing donations and although SLikeSoft actively supports and lives the point of transparency and the development of Open Source products, it is not a non-profit organization by law but rather a “UG” (“Unternehmergesellschaft”).

In order to ensure the privacy of our users we make the entry in the donators list and set the user rank in the BBS only in case where the donator explicitly stated he’d like such an entry in the PayPal formular which is being presented when issuing the donation. Otherwise we’ll handle the donation as an anonymous one with regards to the publicly visible details. More on how we handle the privacy with regards to donations can be found in our privacy policy.

Donor > 100 €



Donor < 100 €