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Post by yayaskurt »

Hello, i think this is a dead forum/project but im gonna try anyway.

i'am trying to use securehandshake as i used it on raknet.

From Raknet's help:
1. Add #define LIBCAT_SECURITY 1 to "NativeFeatureIncludesOverrides.h". Rebuild all.

2. Include "Source/SecureHandshake.h". DO NOT INCLUDE ANY FILES FROM Source/cat

3. Create the public and private keys in advance
but in VS i get the error:
error C2653: 'cat': is not a class or namespace name
in this line:

Code: Select all

char public_key[cat::EasyHandshake::PUBLIC_KEY_BYTES];
anyhelp will be apreciated.

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Re: cat::EasyHandshake::PUBLIC_KEY_BYTES

Post by Luke1410 »

While this forum is really quiet, it's certainly not dead. ;-)

Regarding your topic: I tried the example with the current SLikeNet version and it works just fine there.
The error you are getting most likely points to a problem with the include structure. Source/SecureHandshake.h should include "cat/AllTunnel.hpp" which pulls in additional include files which then declare the cat-namespace.

The error you are getting suggests something is going wrong for you.

Which RakNet fork/version do you use and which compiler/OS are you trying to build on?
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Re: cat::EasyHandshake::PUBLIC_KEY_BYTES

Post by yayaskurt »

Thank you Luke for your answer, yes i made a mistake in my include files, i'm sorry i don't remember it now, so i can't share.

It feels awesome to receive an answer, because i really want to use Slikenet, i had succesfully migrated a game to Slikenet on WIN32. My problems are on Android, OSX and IOS. So i ll keep checking.

On win32 im working on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2017. no problems.
Slikenet version: 0.1.2
Target Platform: Windows 10
Windows SDK version: 10.0.17763.0
Platform Toolset: Visual Studio 2017 (v141)

(Also combined Slikenet with cocos2d-x 3.17.1 successfully)

On Android im working with
Android Studio 3.4


do you think i sould go back in older versions of Android Studio and NDK and also OSX and XCode?

btw i'm going to check this answer about android build viewtopic.php?f=14&t=164858 and i ll post the results there.


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