Call for 1st-level RakNet support.

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Call for 1st-level RakNet support.

Post by Luke1410 »

We are currently looking for a (game)project which already utilizes RakNet and would be interested in getting (free of charge) 1st-level support.

We will provide you with full support for the network integration of your game and (at your own discretion) either migrate it to SLikeNet or keep it in the RakNet compatibility mode.
We'd like to use your existing product as a test environment to ensure that our library stays fully ABI/API backwards compatible with RakNet and on the other side also present it as a reference implementation of RakNet/SLikeNet (while we'd prefer to, it's not necessarily required that the game itself would be open source). For that all we'd ask from you is to advertise the cooperation with SLikeSoft/SLikeNet and allow us to advertise your product on our page as a reference implementation/integration of SLikeNet.

This offer is on the basis of a limited scope (meaning that we will invest a certain amount of man hours on the cooperation per week on a regular basis). If you are interested in a larger cooperation requiring more than a few hours a week, we'd still be interested in arranging the details.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us via

Call for 1st level RakNet support

Post by Davidunlor »

Unfortunately iPhone works are temporarily I hope suspended.
We are waiting for more resources to continue on this direction.

But the will and plans we have - thats for sure.
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