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SLikeNet 0.1.3 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of SLikeNet 0.1.3.
This is a bugfix/security release containing the following changes:
version 0.1.3 (23-08-2019 21:00 UTC)
*** This release resolves 2 user reported issue (2 completely)
*** This release contains security fixes - overall CVSS score: 7.1
* several smaller changes, fixes, and code cleanup (#236, #238, #269)
* documentation updates (#269)
* updated changelog entries related to security issues in previous versions (#269)
* fixed NonNumericHostString() incorrectly identifying numeric as non-numeric addresses (#262)
* SECURITY: fixed BitStream::GetNumberOfUnreadBits() returning an incorrect value, if the readOffset exceeds the number of used bits (#278 - CVSS score: 7.1)
* SECURITY: fixed multiple BitStream::ReadXXX()-methods causing buffer overruns when reading data from the stream (#267, #272 - CVSS score: 7.1)
* SECURITY: fixed BitStream::Write() version causing a buffer overrun when reading data from the provided stream (#268 - CVSS score: 7.1)
* fixed incorrect delete in FullyConnectedMesh2::Clear() when using a custom allocator (#249)
* SECURITY: fixed buffer overrun in PacketizedTCP::SendList() resulting in potential leaking arbitrary data (#221 - CVSS score: n/a)
* fixed failure in RNS2_Berkley::BindSharedIPV4() always reporting an "unknown" error on OSX (#258)
* fixed RakNetSocket2::DomainNameToIP() failing to resolve the domain name (#264)
* fixed crash in RakPeer::GetNumberOfAddresses() when the machine has >= 10 IPs (#261)
* added missing definition of global +-operator for two RakWStrings (#225)
* fixed incorrect delete in ReplicaManager3::Clear() when using a custom allocator (#249)
* fixed multiple issues related to port resolution in hostnames upon construction or through SystemAddress::FromString() (#263 - SLNET_46)
* fixed cases where using a hostname to create a system address, calling SystemAddress::FromString(), or SystemAddress::SetBinaryAddress() can fail in IPv4 mode (#264)
* fixed localhost not being resolved properly, if set to something other than on the current system (#265)
* fixed incorrect delete in TeamManager::Clear() when using a custom allocator (#249)
* fixed some compile errors when enabling IPv6 on Linux/OSX (#220)
* fixed compile error when enabling OPENSSL on Linux/OSX (#273)
* fixed compile error when compiling in RAKNET_COMPATIBILITY mode (#223)
* fixed compile error when compiling in RAKNET_COMPATIBILITY mode (#223)
* fixed non-working created DLL when using the Visual Studio project (#228)
* fixed compile errors in CSharpTestApp (previously called SwigTestApp) (#226)
* fixed multiple warnings when generating C# files (#227)
* fixed warning when building shared library with C# integration (#242)
We’d like to thank Mellnik for his report of one of the vulnerabilities in SLikeNet/RakNet.

Further information and download links are available on the product page.

If you want to support the continuous development of SLikeNet, we would appreciate if you consider donating a small amount to help us cover our running costs.

Due to license requirements we have to add the following statements:
This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (
This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (
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