NAT punchthrough service (alpha test)

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NAT punchthrough service (alpha test)

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SLikeNet (like RakNet) provides functionality to utilize the NAT punchthrough approach. This approach allows two peers to connect to one another over an IPv4 connection, even if a direct connection would usually be blocked by firewalls or certain restrictive network topography.

For this to work, a freely reachable server is required for both peers to connect to. This server is then used to allow the two peers to open up a direct connection to one another.

RakNet provided a server for people to use with their games/projects for free which however was shut down in 2015.
As a courtesy to the development of RakNet we set up such a free service now as well and make it available to all users of SLikeNet and RakNet.
That said, the service is fully backwards compatible with RakNet 4.081/4.082 and can be used with any existing RakNet project. Just point the game/app to connect to using the default port 61111.

Please note that the service is currently running as an alpha test.
We'll monitor the stability of the server and might need to shut it down from time to time for maintenance work. Such maintenance downtimes will be announced in this announcement forum at least 7 days ahead of any planned downtime.
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