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SLikeNet 0.1.0 released

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Today SLikeSoft is proud to announce its very first product: A network library under the name of SLikeNet.

SLikeSoft was founded with the goal in mind to provide a new foundation for the community behind the (discontinued) RakNet library, to become an active partner for the developers who are still keeping up their interest in RakNet and support them to the best of our abilities.

To achieve this, we developed SLikeNet which in its current state is essentially an improved version of RakNet supporting the latest compilers and build tools.
The most important thing first: SLikeNet is available completely for free and can be used without additional licensing costs for private as well as for commercial purposes (via an open source license). Our own contributions/changes are provided under an even less restrictive open source license (the MIT license) than RakNet itself is licensed under. In addition to that we provide active support in a newly hosted BBS as well as on IRC (server: / channel: #slikenet).

The initial development version of SLikeNet comes with the following highlights (compared to what RakNet 4.081 provided):
- added support for latest compilers (including Visual Studio 2010-2017 and GCC 4.6.4-5.4.0)
- added support for new versions of 3rd-party libraries
- security enhancements
- Unicode support
- warning free compiling/linking
- simpler way to get started
- extended documentation
- countless bug-/security-fixes and improvements compared to RakNet 4.081

For this initial release we contributed over 543 man hours (which corresponds to an investment of around 54,300 Euro).

We hope you will enjoy using the network library for your product and allow us to work together with you to continue improving SLikeNet and keep the legacy of RakNet alive.

Last but not least we'd like to state our gratitude especially to Kevin Jenkins (the creator of RakNet) and Oculus VR, LLC (who acquired RakNet and put it under the Simplified BSD License). Without their work neither SLikeSoft nor SLikeNet would have become a reality.

Further information and download links are available on the product page.

version 0.1.0 (07-26-2017 21:00 UTC)
*** This release satisfies/processes 29 complete and 3 partial GitHub pull requests (up to pull request #78)
+ Initial Release

The following lists changes compared to RakNet 4.081/4.082:
+ added support for VS 2010-2017, GCC 4.6.4-5.4.0, and Xcode 7.3.1 (#1)
+ added new retail configuration (#96)
* SECURITY: multiple security fixes
* replaced multi-byte character set support with unicode support (#23)
* fixed mixup between Unicode/MBCS/ANSI character set usage (#23)
* several further changes, fixes, and code cleanup (#6, #9, #11, etc.)
* several documentation updates including a more detailed doxygen documentation (#101)
- dropped support for VS < 2010 and GCC < 4.6.4 (#1)
* fixed case for Windows includes in WindowsIncludes.h (#42 - PR37)
* fixed <<-operator for BitStream not accepting const parameters (#44 - PR53)
* use std::abs() instead of abs for proper C++11 support in CCRakNetSlidingWindow.cpp (#46 - PR64)
* minor improvement to DataStructures::Queue:WeightedGraph::GetShortestPath() by replacing Queue::Size() calls with Queue::IsEmpty() (#34 - PR14)
* fixed incorrect DataStructures::Queue-copy-ctor (#26)
* fixed NatPunchthroughClient::SendOutOfBand() producing undefined messages, if __GET_TIME_64BIT is set to 0 (#38 - PR34)
* fixed TestModeToString() returning non-const char pointer (#35, #59, #65 - PR22, PR31, PR61)
* fixed incorrectly instantiating/destroying the PacketLogger class instead of the PacketFileLogger when calling PacketFileLogger::GetInstance()/DestroyInstance() (#81)
* fixed incomplete zeroing of data in RakNetSocket2_Berkley_NativeClient with RAKNET_SUPPORT_IPV6 set to 1 (#31 - PR4)
* fixed RakPeer::GetTimeoutTime() always returning defaultTimeoutTime (#37 - PR30)
* fixed incorrect delete in RakPeer::DerefAllSockets() when using a custom allocator (#48 - PR72)
* fixed deadlock in ProcessOfflineNetworkPacket() when building with LIBCAT_SECURITY set to 1 (#43)
* fixed undefined behavior in RakString::Assign() on non-Windows platforms if either the passed or the formated string exceeds 511 characters (#64 - PR60)
* fixed undefined behavior in RakString::ToWideChar() if called with very long strings (#12)
* fixed undefined behavior in RakString::FromWideChar() if called with very long strings (#102)
* fixed memory/resource leak in RakString format-ctors and Set() method on certain platforms/compilers (#40 - PR36)
* fixed resource leak caused by ReplicaManager3::OnConstruction() (#45 - PR63)
* fixed comparing pointer to boolean in ReplicaManager3::AutoCreateConnectionList() (#36, #63 - PR29, PR56)
* fixed crash in UDPProxyClient::OnPingServers() (#39 - PR35)
* fixed wrong sort order in UDPProxyCoordinator::ForwardingRequestComp() and related incorrectly sorted UDPProxyCoordinator::forwardingRequestList (#47 - PR67)
* fixed memory leak in ApplyPatch: TestPatchInMemory() (#32 - PR7)
* fixed only partial upgrade of Irrlicht SDK to 1.8 (#91)
* upgraded XMLParser library from 2.41 to 2.44 (#103)
* fixed broken AutopatcherPostgreRepository2_WithXDelta due to non-overwritten MakePatch()-method (#14)
* fixed CloudServerHelper::OnJoinCloudResult() setting incorrect default port (#15)
* fixed incorrect check for incoming connection in CrossConnectionTest (#33 - PR10)
* fixed FileListTransfer sample passing incorrect values to TCPInterface::Start() (#21)
* resolved several compile/link errors in specific configurations/projects (#7, #13, #16, #18, #19, #20, #24, #25, #26, #28, #87, #88, #89, #90, #92, #94, #97)
* resolved compile/link warnings (#11)
* resolved CMake warnings/issues (#11, #78, #98, #99)
* update to CMake file to support VS 2015 (#46 - PR64)
* updated FindBoost CMake file from CMake 2.8.0 -> CMake (#99)
* updated CMake file to detect FMOD Ex up to version 4.44.59 (#78)
* changed to not build sample projects on Linux/Mac by default (#79)
* fixed CMake not compiling samples by default (#30, #62 - PR51, PR54)
* fixed FindPortAudio CMake module ignoring libPortAudioCpp setting (#29 - PR48)
* fixed incorrect usage of PARENT_SCOPE and missing quoting of env-variable in CMake file (#77 - PR37)
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